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Projects in the manufacturing environment are complex and risky.  All projects have a level of uniqueness this coupled with the pressure of time and budget constraints makes success very difficult.  Rapid decision making , dealing with uncertainty and change can take its toll on the inexperienced project manager.

The best form of project risk management is having a project team lead by experience.  No matter how different the content of a project is the approach must remain constant and supported by the organization.

At Redline the approach to project management  is one of strong governance supporting and implementing project processes.

Redline recognizes that project management is not just process, templates and status meetings but also team management .  Collaboration and communication are very important for team members and stakeholders for the project to be a success.

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Best practice provides results

Redline uses the proven methodology of PMBOK having numerous case studies showing that following this methodology produces superior project results.  The practice encompasses all facets of this world class process and tailors the depth in each area to the specific needs of the project or organization.