Below are the major types of services offered but customized services can be tailored depending on the clients needs.


Redline can assist in feasibility studies by providing capital and time estimations, risk assessments and preliminary process design.

Redline can develop project plans which include governance, resourcing, procurement procedures, schedule and control methods.

Project Feasibility & Planning

Redline can assist in constructing strategic capital budgets both long term and short term.

Redline can assist with prioritization of competing needs to extract the maximum benefit from finite capital funds. 

Redline  can assist in executional planning with phased cashflow and resourcing models.

Portfolio Management

Redline can manage the project from feasibility to closeout.  Redline use the PMBOK method of project delivery incorporating the 9 areas of knowledge.  Each area carefully planned and controlled through the executional stages of the project.

Redline project management varies its style from managing the doing to the doing based on expertise, risk and resourcing.

Project Management

Redline can deliver project engineering resource to design, procure and contract manage capital projects within manufacturing. 

Core areas of expertise include specifying, sourcing and commissioning European machinery.

Project Engineering

Redline  Project Services 

Action not just advice

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